Our Mission

The mission of Pediatric Wellness Renovation (POWER) is to address the health concerns of overweight and obese youth through comprehensive, family-based treatment. We are fully committed to reversing the trend of this rapidly growing public health concern and to decreasing its related health complications. Our pediatric wellness program is under the guidance of experienced pediatrician, Dr. Lynnette Brooks, who is also a diplomate in obesity medicine.

Our Approach

Our approach to treating obesity is unique. Our highly motivated care team desires to help young people in our communities adopt a healthier lifestyle. We have found that taking small steps toward improvement can lead to positive life changes. We work not only with the patient but also with the patient’s family and caregivers. In our multidisciplinary team approach, every patient will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the medical provider and with professionals that specialize in nutrition, exercise, and mental health.

Getting Started

To be evaluated by Pediatric Wellness Renovation you may either call Glasgow Pediatric Healthcare at 270-651-9696 for more information on getting started OR have your medical care provider make a referral. Referring medical providers should obtain a fasting laboratory evaluation for health-related problems of obesity. The labs listed below must be obtained prior to the first visit. They should be done after 12 hours of fasting.

What to Expect

Pediatric Wellness Renovation serves overweight and obese youth of all ages. A panel of labs should be drawn prior to the first visit with Pediatric Wellness Renovation. This will allow the medical provider an opportunity to review lab results and will give insight on the impact the weight is having on physical health. During the first visit, the medical provider will look for underlying causes of weight gain and review any related health problems to develop an individualized wellness plan. Small steps suggested in the wellness plan can lead to dramatic health improvement. Each visit we will continue to build these changes into the patient’s daily practice.

As needed, families will have an opportunity to work with an expert in nutrition and exercise to advance their individualized plan to improve eating habits and become more physically active. An LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) is available on site to meet with the patient and the patient’s family to address any self-esteem issues or other mental health concerns. 

The goal is to help participants achieve a healthier weight, become more physically fit, increase self- esteem and improve other obesity-related comorbidities.

Lynnette Brooks, MD

Paige Crawford, RD, LD

Dr. Lynnette Brooks is a board-certified pediatrician who is also a diplomat with the American Board of Obesity Medicine.  After completing her medical school and pediatric residency at the University of Louisville, she joined Glasgow Pediatric Healthcare where she has served in an inpatient and outpatient setting for nearly 20 years.  In 2019, she received certification in obesity medicine and has maintained the Pediatric Weight Management program in Glasgow, KY.  Originally from Morgantown, KY, Dr. Brooks and her husband Jason have resided in Glasgow since 2002.

Paige Crawford, RD, has been a registered dietitian nutritionist at Glasgow Pediatric Healthcare since 2018.  After completing an undergraduate dietetics degree from Eastern Kentucky University, she completed a one year dietetic internship.  Paige received a Certificate of Training in Pediatric and Adult Obesity in 2021.  She has assisted in the Pediatric Weight Management program in Glasgow since 2019.  Originally from Albany Kentucky, she now resides in Glasgow.